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Jay Z Net Worth


Rappers really love promoting their wealth, to increase their “street cred” and reputation.  Rappers, including Dizzy Rascal, 50 cents and Tinchy Stryder know, reputation relies on branding themselves and declaring their wealth to their followers.  However, one rapper stands out more than the rest, who proved his brand assisted him in becoming one of the most influential celebrities of the rap scene.

 Shaun Corey Carter, better known as Jay Z, is currently one of the hottest properties.  While other rappers earn an average $50 million per annum, Jay Z net worth is estimated at $500 million.  This is impressive, but surprisingly, Jay Z net worth is not entirely due to his music sales.  In fact, almost half his wealth stems from the sale of his fashion label; Rocawear; which sold for a staggering $204 million.

 Jay Z was born in Brooklyn; New York City; in 1969 and had a tough childhood.  Being abandoned by his father, Jay Z found himself having to survive and although attending school and loving music, found himself dealing drugs and becoming a New York trouble statistic.  However, Jay Z managed to turn himself around during his youth, developing into a Rapper, Record producer, Entrepreneur, Actor, writer and much more.

 He soon realised, his destiny would only be lucrative, through hard work, dedication and embracing his opportunities.   Since 2007 Jay Z’s average annual earnings were $50 million and it does not look as though it is going to stop in the future.  It is estimated, Jay Z net worth will reach $1 billion within his lifetime, which is quite an achievement, for a wayward Brooklyn boy.

 Jay Z began his recording career, as co-founder of Roc-A-Fella records.  He has released 12 albums, all which achieved platinum status, and probably his most famous, “Hard Knock life” is respected for going five times platinum.  Many of his lyrics stem from his personal life and using these memories, he has a unique and respected ability to produce lyrics in his head, allowing him to perform spontaneously.

 Because of his dedication to branding himself, he is in high demand from top performing artists including Alicia Keys, rhianna, Bono and others.  He also gains respect from multi million dollar brands including Budweiser, Samsung, and Chevy to name a few.  Being in such demand and working with such household names has increased his business knowledge, which allows investment in other ventures, which only goes to increase Jay Z net worth.

 Some of Jay Z’s investments include ownership stakes in Arsenal Football club and the New Jersey Nets; partnership in the 40/40 nightclub brand, and partnership in Def Jam Records to name a few.  He has secured a concert deal with live nation, reputed to be worth over $150 million.  He produced a musical with Will Smith and also appeared in numerous movies, including Back Stage, State Property, Streets is Watching, Paper Soldiers and Fade to Black, which is a documentary profiling Jay-Z’s career.

 Jay Z also believes in humanity causes, being involved in the campaign for world water shortage and donating over $1 million, to assist those affected by hurricane Katrina.

 And, his latest venture involves a sports agency called Roc Nation Sports. Although only a few months old, Roc Nation is already signing some of the highest profile sports talent in the UsA

 To add to his extensive list of achievements, he is married to Beyonce, who are reputed to be the highest earning couple in the world and known as the King and Queen of the pop industry.

 So, you can see why Jay Z net worth continuously increases.  All this from a Brooklyn guy, who found himself attracted to the wrong side of the law.  However, he found an interest in music and chose to brand his music, which others would appreciate.  He promoted himself and believed he could determine his destiny.  He embraced each opportunity and improved his business skills, so future investments would be successful, and from the way people demand his abilities, he certainly chose the path “paved with gold” and achieved his desires.

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